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Building partnerships that advance our technology and its applications.

Scientific Institutions & Businesses working hand-in-hand with SONA to build a greater offering for our customers.Click each logo to learn more about the institution

COVID-19 Partners

To date, SONA is pleased to announce three partners in their fight against COVID-19; Cytiva, The Native Antigen Company and Bond Digital Health.

Cytiva (Formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) supports therapy innovators, researchers and healthcare providers accelerate how precision diagnostics and therapies are invented, produced and used. Sona and Cytiva will jointly complete test development of the Sona Covid-19 Coronavirus rapid response lateral flow test. Sona will use Cytiva’s Fast Flow High Performance Membrane (FFHP) in production of the test.

Native Antigen Company is a leading supplier of native and recombinant antigens for emerging and endemic infectious diseases. It is one of the first recognised suppliers to release biological materials for use in diagnostic tests specific to Covid-19. Native will supply its Covid-19 biological materials to Sona for use in its rapid screening test.

Bond Digital Health offers the only known proprietary digital data capture and analysis system designed specifically for lateral flow devices. Bond’s data platform offers industry leading data security and is fully compliant with all relevant regulations. Bond will add data capture and analysis to Sona’s test, which will allow test result data to be collected through either a reader system or mobile app before being securely stored using cloud technology. Through this platform data can be accessed and analysed, ultimately allowing authorities to monitor the spread of the outbreak in real time. Sona is currently in discussions with potential partners for validation testing, product manufacture and distribution.

Cytiva & Sona Nanotech Partnership
NativeAntigen & Sona Nanotech
Bond Digital Health & Sona Nanotech

Who are SONA’s scientific advisors?

Fiona Marshall

Fiona Marshall will assist the Sona team with scientific considerations of test development, manufacturing set-up, quality control and regulatory approval. Ms. Marshall is the current CEO of AgPlus Diagnostics Limited and has extensive experience in the lateral flow industry, having been responsible for establishing a US-based R&D and production facility for the development and manufacture of various lateral flow tests, including tests for class 3 deadly pathogens that served US military contracts. She also oversaw the development of a rapid-response test development program during the 2013 Ebola outbreak as well as other tests for influenza, narcotics and explosives.

Sandy Morrison

Sandy Morrison is the President of Quality Systems Atlantic and has over 30 years of experience in the medical device industry, with leadership roles in manufacturing, quality systems and regulatory affairs. He was involved in obtaining regulatory approval of the first rapid assay for HIV approved by Health Canada and the US FDA. He will be assisting Sona in its ongoing submission for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) with the FDA.


We encourage collaborations & partnerships

Industry comments about our gold nanorod technology

   “I am very optimistic about the future of Sona; the gold nanorods they make are very versatile, with huge application potential in various fields.”

Dr Shine Xu Zhang, 

Industrial research chair in  applied nanotechnology 

– Cape Breton University

  “Gold nanorods that have been synthesized and stabilized without CTAB are obviously a safer alternative. The fact that such a particle is commercially available today is astonishing. This could be a very important step forward for a number of promising clinical methods.”

Dr Catherine J. Murphy,

Gold nanorod pioneer, professor of chemistry, Department of Chemistry, 

– University of Illinois

   “Hydrosense and Sona are the perfect fit; with our innovative and reliable solutions and Sona’s unique gold nanorods, I am certain we can develop something special together.” 

Dr Richard Campbell, 

Technical Director of Hydrosense, a Scotland-based rapid water testing company