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Director of R&D and Production & Founder

Meet our Director of R&D, Production & Founder, Mike McAlduff


2009 – Ph.D. in chemistry, McGill University

2002 – Masters in chemistry, University of Victoria, BC

1999 – BSC in chemistry and physics, St Francis Xavier University


One of the founders of Sona, Mike has 15 years’ experience in surfactant and colloidal chemistry, including cancer research.

He is a named author of six research papers and two patents. At Sona, he manages the production of our gold nanorods and is in control of quality assurance and quality control.


Business: R&D, product development,

Science: Nanotechnology (including nano-devices and nano-materials), surfactant chemistry, colloidal chemistry

Other interests/hobbies

Travelling, skiing, traveling to ski.

In his own words

"For me it’s always been about perseverance, about pushing what we have and getting the process right before going to market. Ultimately that is what will make Sona a success."

One of the original founders of Sona, Mike manages the production of the company’s gold nanorods.

What do you like most about working at Sona?

I like the fact that we started the company from an initial idea and have been able to grow from concept to products to collaborations.

What first inspired you to pursue a scientific career?

I’ve always been around science; my dad taught chemistry at StFX for 27 years and was dean of science here. In high school, I found my own love of science and then I went to university to study chemistry and physics, as I found them the most interesting.

Who is your science hero?

Albert Einstein. He is such an inspiring figure, not only because of the way he thought about things, which was completely different to the way people had thought about them before but also because of the struggles he had to go through in his life to achieve what he did.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a very sporty person. I enjoy playing hockey and I like skiing; I try to take one or two ski trips each winter. I’m also a fan of rugby, and I used to help coach the StFX men’s team.

If you weren’t a scientist, what do you think you would be doing?

If I weren’t a scientist I think I would be running my own bar or brewery; I believe most chemists wish they were brewers.