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Production Scientist

Meet our Production Scientist, Chris Yourth


2018 – B.Sc Chemistry and mathematics, St Francis Xavier University


Chemistry graduate Chris is starting his scientific career at Sona Nanotech. During his studies, he also worked as a private mathematics tutor and as a research assistant in the StFX chemistry department.


Mathematics, computational research and analysis, coding

Other interests/hobbies

Ice hockey, hiking, playing the guitar.

In his own words

“I am excited to be joining such a fast-growing business that is quickly making a real name for itself in the life sciences sphere. I am looking forward to learning all about Sona’s unique technology and helping the company develop and expand.”

Chris's thoughts about Science & Sona

What do you like most about working for Sona?

What I like most about being a member of Sona is the close-knit team we have, where it’s easy to bounce ideas off each other or learn from one another. The continued success and growth of the company is an added bonus.

What first inspired you to pursue a scientific career?

Growing up in a science-based community, built around a nuclear research facility, pursuing a career in science was something I always wanted to do. My high school chemistry teacher sparked my love for the field, inspiring me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at StFX.

Who is your science hero?

Stephen Hawking. Not only did he make an incredible contribution to the science community, by looking at our universe in a totally unique way, but he was also an inspiration for proving that even with a physically debilitating disease like ALS, anything can be accomplished.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Growing up in rural Ontario and living right along the Ottawa River, my father got me involved in many outdoor sports like white-water kayaking, skiing and hiking. The love of the outdoors has stuck with me, so whenever I get the chance (and the time off) I try to get out and explore.

If you weren’t a scientist, what do you think you would be doing?

Like any stereotypical Canadian, I grew up playing the great sport of hockey. If I wasn’t a scientist, I believe I would’ve been a hockey analyst, because who wouldn’t want to get paid to talk about sports?