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Author Archives: Darren Rowles

Dr. Gerrard Marangoni

Meet The Board: Questions And Answers With Dr. Marangoni

Dr. Gerrard Marangoni is a tenured professor of chemistry at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. With 25 years experience in surfactant and colloidal chemistry, he is named author on 75 research papers and 6 patents and … Read More

Dr. Catherine J. Murphy

Meet the board: Questions and Answers with Dr. Murphy

Dr Catherine J Murphy is the Larry R. Faulkner Endowed Chair in Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr Murphy is known for her work on gold nanorods and has won numerous awards for her research. She was … Read More

Dr. Shine Xu Zhang

Meet the board: Questions and Answers with Dr. Shine

Dr. Shine Xu Zhang (known as Dr. Shine) is industrial research chair in applied nanotechnology at Cape Breton University. A chemist with extensive experience in immunoassay and cancer research, he is an expert in nanotechnology and lateral flow assays. Dr. … Read More

Listing will take Sona to the next level

After a long and detailed process, Sona is almost ready to list on the stock exchange. As revealed on our news page, the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) has given conditional listing approval for Sona Nanotech. It follows the approval of the merger between … Read More

Stock exchange gives conditional approval for Sona listing

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) has given conditional listing approval for Sona Nanotech. It follows the approval of the merger between Stockport Exploration Inc. and Sona Nanotech, which was agreed by shareholders of the two companies at their general meetings on April … Read More

Realising the healthcare potential of gold nanoparticles

Colloidal gold, the suspension of gold nanoparticles in liquid, has been used for hundreds of years, from staining glass in the Middle Ages to early experiments with photography in the Victorian era. But it was only 160 years ago that … Read More

Gold Nanorods and their applications: An interview with Darren Rowles

What are gold nanorods? Gold nanorods are microscopic gold nanoparticles that are have been elongated to resemble rods, rather than the traditional spherical shape. Since the early 2000’s they have received a lot of attention from researchers because of their … Read More

Sona appoints first business development manager

Sona Nanotech has appointed a business development manager to help the company forge new strategic partnerships and expand into new markets. The newly-created role has been given to Anindita Gupta, who has more than nine years’ experience in biological sciences … Read More

Learning about lateral flow in Spain

Last week Sona Nanotech was invited to exhibit at the Lateral Flow Workshop 2018 in Zaragoza, Spain. The annual event, organized by Spanish diagnostics firm Operon and US-based equipment manufacturers BioDot, aims to educate and inform on all things lateral flow, from the basics to the latest trends. … Read More

Sona launches new VR experience to showcase the potential of its products

Sometimes it’s much easier to explain how something works using images, rather than a spoken or written description – after all, a picture paints a thousand words. This is particularly true in science, where complicated concepts and processes can often … Read More