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We produce high-quality gold nanorod products for diagnostic tests & medical treatment applications

Sona's unique gold nanorods will power the next generation of lateral flow diagnostics

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Lateral Flow Diagnostic Applications

Food & Beverage

Medical Diagnostics

Environmental Testing

Consumer Health & Pharmaceuticals

Drugs of Abuse




Lateral flow tests powered by Sona’s unique gold nanorods can give results within minutes.

Sona’s multi-coloured gold nanorods allow for multiple test lines per unit, with easy-to-read results  from one small sample. 

Advantages of Sona's Nanorod Technology

  • Allows one test to detect multiple conditions​
  • Allows one test to maximize use from a small sample
  • Allows one test to detect multiple analyses for specific conditions
  • Individual, distinct colours for quantification measurement
  • Generates amplified visual signals for simpler interpretation
  • Generates increased sensitivity, specificity & time to results
  • Sona nanorods have a longer shelf life and resistance to hot temperatures than current technology
  • Non toxic – CTAB free

Comprehensive suite of products and services for multiple applications

• Gold nanorods
• Custom conjugation
• Lateral flow test development
• Lateral flow test production

• Point of care diagnostics
• Drug delivery
• Photothermal therapy
• Cell imaging

Praise for Sona's technology from businesses and academics

   “I am very optimistic about the future of Sona; the gold nanorods they make are very versatile, with huge application potential in various fields.”

Dr Shine Xu Zhang

Industrial research chair in  applied nanotechnology,  Cape Breton University

  “Gold nanorods that have been synthesized and stabilized without CTAB are obviously a safer alternative. The fact that such a particle is commercially available today is astonishing. This could be a very important step forward for a number of promising clinical methods.”

Dr Catherine J. Murphy

Gold nanorod pioneer, professor of chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois

“Sona’s unique gold nanotechnology is very impressive and has the potential to transform lateral flow. We are proud to partner with such an innovative company and we know that together Sona and Bond can achieve great things.”

Phil Groom

Commercial Director, Bond Digital Health

Upcoming events

Meet members of Team Sona and learn more about our technology, products and services at these upcoming events:

• Advanced Lateral Flow Course, 22-24 October 2019, San Diego, CA, USA

To arrange a meeting or learn more, get in touch.

Latest News

Tests prove Sona’s gold nanorods “perfectly suited” for competitive lateral flow assays

Press release Tests prove Sona’s gold nanorods “perfectly suited” for competitive lateral flow assays Sona Nanotech’s unique gold nanorods are perfectly suited for use in competitive lateral flow assays, a new report reveals. A white paper, published by Sona Nanotech today, demonstrates that: Sona’s nanorods can be successfully used in a displacement assay Traditional spherical gold colloid and Sona’s gold nanorods can be combined in the same assay system Two different coloured gold nanorods can be combined in one assay system The paper details an experiment carried out using a lateral flow test to detect delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal

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Latest Blog Post

Seeing is believing in San Diego

This week we are returning to San Diego to showcase Sona Nanotech to the lateral flow world. The Californian city again plays host to the Advanced Lateral Flow Course, one of the highlights of the lateral flow calendar, and for the second year running we are proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor. This year we are particularly excited to be launching our new scientific white paper demonstrating how Sona’s unique gold nanorods are perfectly suited for competitive lateral flow assays. The paper details an experiment that demonstrates that our nanorods can be successfully used in a displacement assay, that

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